The Muscle Experiment is a program that reveals toning workouts for men. Mike Thiga, the author of

the program was born with the genetics of a skinny guy. His highest weight ever was about 158 lbs and

his height was about 6ft. However, he tried to take up weightlifting incredibly. After 6 weeks of started

training, he was able to pack on 15 lbs of muscle and finally, after 5 months 3 weeks, he built totally 39

lbs of muscle that increase his weight at 187lbs. Actually, this is a great result for you to approach. If you

are a skinny guy, if you are tired of being skinny and need to gain weight and build a toned body, then,

learn muscle building workout. and useful tips experienced by Mike Thiga to complete your dream


The Muscle Experiment is a muscle building body weight workout plan designed specifically for

hypertrophy, rather than fat loss or other calisthenics skills.

The program applies the same principle of progressive overload of weight training by using only your

own body weight rather than adjustable plates and barbell.

This plan is an eye-opener for those who think building muscle with just body weight is unpractical and

more difficult than free weights because of the fixed body weight variable.

The Muscle Experiment method stresses the importance of angle of leverage and TUT, or time under

tension, rather than predetermined repetition ranges as in weight lifting.

Hypertrophy and gains are achieved through “how” you perform the sets, rather than by setting

repetition world records with sloppy form, just for the sake of increasing reps number.

This review will reveal you what this program by Mike Thiga is all about, its pros and cons.

This is a program suitable not just for people who prefer body weight training, but also for weight lifters

and bodybuilders who want a change in their routines and build extra muscle naturally.

The Muscle Experiment is particularly attractive to people without access to a gym or those who do not

want to spend money on gym memberships because it gives a solid, equipment-free blueprint to build

muscle. Young people on a tight budget will find this aspect essential.

This plan is also suitable for people who travel or who prefer to workout outdoor, in parks, on the beach

or anywhere, or again just at home.

For muscle building purposes, this program focuses on a different approach to calisthenics. All routines

are geared toward building mass along with strength.

Most calisthenics programs focus o HIIT for fat loss or just pure strength, without a worry about building

muscle. The exercises in The Muscle Experiment are designed to achieve muscle growth through

simultaneous fiber recruitment.

The more muscle fibers you stress simultaneously, the higher the stimulation and the hypertrophy.That

is not achieved by increasing forever the number of repetitions, though reps also have their time and


Time Under Tension

The solution is Time Under Tension, which is the amount of time your muscles work when doing a set.

Rather than concentrating in repetitions, the program tells you how to perform sets with a quality,

correct form so that it takes at lest 40 seconds to finish the set.

Longer sets induce more stress and more muscle growth, this is nothing new, the principle stands valid

for free weight training too, but it is even more important for body weight training where you do not

have the luxury to adjust resistance with plates and you have to make your own body weight work in the

most effective manner.

Aside from proper form and longer sets activate the most number of muscle fibers, the program goes on

to explain the 7 principles that help add mass, 3 more core fundamentals of gaining muscle without

weights, and over 30 muscle building body weight exercises.

Duration And Schedule

The Muscle Experiment is a 6-month program. It does not promise quick results but makes it clear that it

takes time and dedication for results, especially for natural trainees.

The standard workout intensity is for beginners and intermediates, but there is also a bonus 6-month

advanced plan for those with a solid foundation.

The time commitment is less than 4 hours per week. Considering that you do not need a gym or waste

time commuting, these are 4 clean hours that you can dedicate to training from the comfort of home, in

a park, or while traveling.

Muscle Building Exercises

Mike Thiga has selected calisthenics moves that promote strength and hypertrophy. He weeded out

pointless exercises like burpees or planks and instead concentrated on multi joint, compound moves like

push ups, pull ups, chin ups, handstands, handstand pushups, parallel dips and so on.

The reason for this is to promote stimulus and growth by targeting more muscle groups at the same

time, which has a far greater impact on your metabolic rate, nervous system, natural testosterone

production and growth hormone.

Anything that involves pushing or pulling yourself up and down in any plane, vertical or horizontal,

promotes growth. This is the foundation of the program for a good reason.

Fancy free calisthenics that you see on YouTube where athletes defy gravity can only be achieved after

years of basic, compound exercises like the ones used in The Muscle Experiment, not before.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Being a basic, muscle building body weight plan, you almost need no equipment at all, save for a bar to

do pull ups. Even then, you could do them hanging from a branch if you want no gear at all.

As you progress in strength, muscle growth and experience, you may want to add monkey bars or a

straight bar, parallettes, parallels, rings or any simple and inexpensive calisthenics piece of equipment

for more varied and challenging workouts.

Also. calisthenics equipment is by default much cheaper, lighter and easier to store than full sets of

barbells + plates or home gyms, useful if you live in an apartment with limited space.

However, you can still perform the majority of muscle building body weight exercises without any


Main Program

The Muscle Experiment Super-Freak Manual – The foundation of the program with all the information

you need on calisthenics, body weight exercises and the exact sets and repetitions range you must

adhere to for hypertrophy.


The 8-Pack Manual – A manual covering specifically abs. The abs regimen should be initiated after the

first 6 months of the standard program. The blueprint also includes calorie burning cardio routines.

Body Weight Exercise Database – A list of the very best muscle building body weight exercises with

demonstrations on how to perform the movements.

Muscle Building Meal Plans – The nutritional part of the program to be used hand in hand with the

Anabolic Calorie Calculator. The meals are categorized per total calories so you know which ones to go

for depending on your calorie needs as per the calculator.

The A2 Factor – A manual looking into Branched Chain Amino Acids. These amino acids are the building

blocks of proteins and are essential for your muscle building.

Printable Workout Logs – This is an often overlooked aspect of a training regimen. People tend to forget

to log their performance so that they know where they are progressing and where they need to pay

attention. The workout logs help you stay motivated and on track.

Anabolic Calorie Calculator – A software to calculate your daily calorie intake so as to stay in anabolic

state for muscle growth. You just input your height, gender, weight and age and you get your caloric


Advanced 24-Week Muscle Gain Program – This is the workout plan for those with a solid training

history to help you break through plateaus with more challenging exercises.

Life Updates – Whenever an update occurs, you get it for free, for life.

What Will You Get From The Program To Build Your Mascle Mass?

With the success in gaining weight and building lean muscle, Mike Thiga reveals his secrets that will

never fail to work for you. In The Muscle Experiment, you will get the following knowledge to complete

the program:

  • You will explore the secret to surpass your genetic muscle potential.

  • You will know the hidden truths that make you fail to gain weight and muscles.

  • Users can learn how to build muscles and to gain in both size and strength.

  • You will get 3 core fundamentals of building muscle without getting fat.

  • Trainers can apply 7 SuperFreak Principles as a muscle building workout for you to follow.

  • You will be able to distinguish between bodyweight training and weightlifting.

  • People will learn 30 powerful toning workouts for men.

Moreover, you will get 8 powerful bonuses:

  • Free Bonus #1: The 8 Pack Manual

  • Free Bonus #2: Bodyweight Exercise Database

  • Free Bonus #3: Muscle Building Meal Plans

  • Free Bonus #4: The A2 Factor

  • Free Bonus #5: Printable Workout Logs

  • Free Bonus #6: Anabolic Calorie Calculator

  • Free Bonus #7: ADVANCED 24 Week Muscle Gain Program

  • Free Bonus #8: Free Updates For Life!

Is It Guaranteed That The Muscle Experiment Will Work For You?

The product comes with the 60-day 100% money back guarantee. So for any reason you are not satisfied

with your download, you can contact with the service to receive your refund. The Muscle Experiment

will send your money back to your originating account within a working week since you give your refund


Closing Thoughts

The Muscle Experiment is no nonsense body weight program designed around the most effective

exercises and training routines for muscle building.

It leaves behind anything that serves no purpose for hypertrophy and strength and instead it gives a

simple, effective and time efficient blueprint to build muscle using just your own body weight.

Like weight lifting training plans for muscle growth, The Muscle Experiment is also designed around the

principle of progressive overload.

What makes this program desirable, is that it provides clear instructions on how to achieve progressive

overload with your own, fixed body weight and spur muscle growth, a very important aspect for

effective muscle building with calisthenics that is often not specifically addressed.

To conclude, The Muscle Experiment is the ideal program for those who want to build muscle without a

gym, anywhere and with little or no equipment.